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During your call in Tangier «The white dove on Africa’s shoulder», you will visit the city in half a day, but if you have more time, the visit of Asilah the fortified, is well worth the day spent there. Its very beginning can be traced to 1500 BC, when a Phoenician port called Zili was already established. Then the Vth century Tingis was occupied by the Romans, the Phenicians, the Vandals, the Portuguese then the Spanish in the 15th century. A very imposing rampart, parallelogram shaped, circle the medina and covers an area of 7 hectares. It is pierced by five gates dating from different periods of which two are of Portuguese origin: Bab al-Homer (Porta da Vila) and Bab al-Bahr (Porta da Ribeira). Very interesting Arts Festival in August.

Half day visit of Tangier

Tangier, the beloved city of so many writers and artists ! from Gran Socco to Cap Spartel, enjoy its genuine charm at the cross of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.

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Full day excursion to Asilah

Asilah, a settlement since 1500 B.C, has kept traces of Phoenician, Portuguese and Spanish occupation. It became a pirate base in the XVIIth century and is now most known for its Arts Festival every August.

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