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The Imperial Cities

The MUST-DO 8 days tour for a first visit to Morocco, to discover its rich historical past, to sample its delicious cuisine and above all to meet its friendly and peaceful people, their very lively traditions and their modern way of life.

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The fortified cities

With this 4 days tour, you will discover the 16th century traces of the Portuguese occupation in the cities on the Atlantic Coast, their fortified remparts and their ancestral traditions : marquetry in Essaouira, Pottery in Safi.

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Essaouira the Well Designed

A 4 days tour. After Marrakech "the Pink City", discover in 3 nights, Essaouira "the White and Blue", Essaouira “the Well designed“, planned in 1768 by the Sultan Mohamed ben Abdellah, and its French military architect Théodore Cornut.

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Moroccan Deli

A gourmet week, exploring, tasting and trying your hands in all the good things to be relished in Marrakech and Essaouira: spices and fresh mint, tagines and couscous, cheese and wines, indulge in many discoveries and take your time to unwind, at last…

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Morocco Highlights

This 11 days tour is an easy combination with a visit in Spain. From Tangier to Marrakech via Fes and the desert, here is an opportunity to look at the different facets of the Kingdom of Morocco, its history, its landscapes, its monuments, and last but not least, its culinary tradition.

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